Dr. Steven Tucker
MD (USA), FACP (USA), FAMS (Medical Oncology)

A practicing medical oncologist, Dr. Steven Tucker founded Tucker Medical in 2011.

Dr. Tucker trained in Internal Medicine, Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation at the UCLA Center for Health Sciences.  While at UCLA he also studied molecular biology and joined the UCLA faculty as Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine in 1999. He is a Fellow of both the Singapore Academy of Medicine and the American College of Physicians and remains active in both clinical and basic medical science research.  In 2006, he moved to Singapore to develop a global oncology clinical trials program and has made Singapore his permanent home.

As a leader in precision health and medicine, as well as patient empowerment, Dr. Tucker advocates integrating data from diverse sources such as personal genomics, metabolic and functional assessments, advanced imaging, remote tracking, and even social media so patients can develop their own personalized health goals and plans.  Dr. Tucker believes that the majority of today’s burden of chronic problems including obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease can be reversed and prevented through a holistic understanding of the root causes of disease.

Dr. Tucker is interested in scaling the prevention of chronic diseases to the level of population health.  His work outside of Tucker Medical has focused on the creation of digital strategies and tools for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity, and cancer. He is Chief Medical Officer at CXA Group, a technology startup bringing evidence-based wellness into the workplace to improve employee health and control healthcare costs.   He is also the Strategic Director for Oncology & Genomics at MetLife Asia, Chief Medical Advisor at the Lumen Lab Innovation Center, and was the founding Global Health Advisor at Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel). 

Dr. Tucker is passionate and optimistic about the future of health and was named a Health and Medical Futurist at the MIT-Singapore Alliance for Research and Technology where he teaches medical innovation and design thinking.  Dr. Tucker is also an alumnus of the Singularity University FutureMed program and the Global Health Advisor for the Singapore SU Chapter.

Dr. Caron Sak

Dr. Caron Sak graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB UK) in 1997. She went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine and is currently a registered Family Physician with the Singapore Medical Council. Dr. Caron is also a member of the Singapore Association for the Study of Obesity (SASO) and is accredited to assist patients with obesity management. She has worked in Singapore hospitals and polyclinics before joining Tucker Medical in 2016.

Dr. Sak brings professional dedication and commitment to primary care at Tucker Medical. She previously practiced in the Singapore public sector and brings her broad knowledge and experience in women’s health, chronic disease management, and acute care to our team and patients. Dr. Sak’s practice bridges local and global care while always providing clarity in diagnosis and management. In addition, she adapts and innovates conventional medicine and forward-thinking tools, such as nutrition, genomics, and medical technology, and presents patients with options that match their values.

Dr. Sak has completed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training that she incorporates into her personal and patient care. With a husband and three teenagers, she promotes a healthy work-life balance. This includes being available to her family as well as volunteering at church. She also maintains an active lifestyle with regular exercise.

With her boundless optimism and excellent communication skills, she is passionate about bringing about positive changes to her patients’ lives. Dr. Sak strongly believes that every individual should be empowered to make informed decisions about his/her health and wellness.

Dr. Brian Schwender
MD, FASGE, FAMS (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Brian Schwender is an American gastroenterologist. Board certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology & Hepatology, he received training in Internal Medicine at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and pursued specialist training in gastroenterology in New York City. He was subsequently in private practice in Norwalk, Connecticut, where he was Director of Biliary Endoscopy. In 2014, he and his family relocated permanently to Singapore.

In Singapore, prior to joining Tucker Medical, Dr. Schwender practiced in and taught Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). He enjoys and maintains his work in the public sector by teaching medical students at Duke-NUS Medical School and continuing to care for Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients at SGH.

Dr. Schwender’s experience in the United States and Asia has led to a profound knowledge of the local, regional, and global medical conditions affecting patients and the skill to prevent, and not just treat, disease. Beyond general gastroenterology, he has a particular knowledge of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (including Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and esophageal reflux disease. He is an expert in numerous endoscopic techniques, including diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy and upper endoscopy, as well as extensive proficiency with wireless capsule endoscopy, push enteroscopy, and chromoendoscopy for Ulcerative Colitis and cancer surveillance.

Dr. Schwender is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School. As a member of the Singhealth Internal Medicine Core Faculty, he received numerous accolades, including the Singhealth Internal Medicine Residency Outstanding Clinician Award. Dr. Schwender is a fellow of the Academy of Medicine in Singapore and was awarded the title of Fellow of The American Society of Gastroenterological Endoscopy (FASGE) in 2017.

When not seeing patients, Dr Schwender enjoys spending time with his wife, Carmen, and their two young children, Connor and Emma. He is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys mountaineering, hiking, skiing, and golf.

Dr. Rosebeth “Roby” Marcou
MD, FAAP (USA), FSDB (Pediatrics)

Dr. Roby Marcou is among the first group of American pediatricians to have become board certified in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She earned her undergraduate degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and completed her pediatric residency at Stanford University Hospitals.

Dr. Marcou has been practicing in Asia for over 25 years. In Singapore, she previously served as an Adjunct Professor and Senior Consultant at the National University Hospital Child Development Unit in Singapore and has been in private practice for the past 11 years. Currently, she splits her private practice time between Singapore and Washington, D.C.

In addition to her work evaluating and caring for children and adolescents, she is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker, parenting educator and auditor of school support service protocols. In her personal time, Dr. Marcou’s greatest joy is spending time with her children and granddaughter.

Dr. Ooi Shiyan

Dr. Shiyan Ooi is a Singaporean General Practitioner and is also trained in integrative and functional medicine. She graduated from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB UK) and has completed several advanced functional medicine certifications in cardiometabolics, environmental health, bioenergetics, gastrointestinal health, hormones, and the immune system from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Before joining Tucker Medical, she practiced in the UK National Health Service (NHS), Singapore government hospitals, and private practice clinics.

Dr. Ooi brings her expertise and experience in conventional medicine, holistic healing, nutrition, and acute care to her patients. She is passionate about the use of integrative and functional medicine to prevent and treat the root causes of disease by engaging in a deep understanding of each patient's genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, together with a holistic approach to personalising treatment plans.

Dr. Ooi incorporates functional medicine practices into her personal life. She advocates a lifestyle approach to optimal wellness and maintains an active lifestyle with her family.

Karthika Thirugnanam
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Karthika Thirugnanam is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She is registered in the USA (Commission on Dietetic Registration).

Ms Thirugnanam (Karthika, as she prefers) earned a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Nutrition from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University (Australia) and completed a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University (USA).

After her education and practice in Australia, Karthika moved to the United States in 2013. She completed her supervised clinical practice through Commonwealth Health Systems in Pennsylvania and then began practicing as an outpatient oncology dietitian at New York City Health and Hospitals system’s Cancer center. During her time there she also served as a member of the Commission on Cancer. In 2018, she returned home to Singapore and joined Tucker Medical as a Nutrition and Dietetics expert.

Karthika’s professional passion is to help patients and families achieve their health goals through practical, culturally-appropriate and individualized action plans. While advocating personal and flexible nutrition interventions, she is also apt at using technology to define a patients’ baseline and tracking their progress. At Tucker Medical, she is heavily involved in nutritional metabolic therapy for cancer patients, both during active treatment and for prevention.

Karthika also works with patients and families in areas outside of cancer care. She is an expert in supporting disease reversal in conditions such as diabetes and prediabetes, fatty liver disease, and metabolic syndrome. She endorses an extensive use of nutritional interventions across the spectrum from low carb and ketogenic diets to low-fat and vegetarian/vegan eating styles. As a Singapore local, from an ethnically Indian background, and with training and practice in the US, she understands and applies the appropriate cultural, religious, and emotional landscape of nutrition and dietary management.

During her free time, Karthika enjoys sports and physical activity. She enjoys hiking, traveling, running and exploring new restaurants. She is an ardent fan of the Arsenal Football Club and can be found watching almost all of their games.

Sei Ying Mah
Registered Dietitian (RD)

Sei Ying is a Registered Dietitian and a current member of the Singapore Dietetic and Nutrition Association (SNDA).

While earning a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with Nutrition at university, she also completed her dietetic internship in Food Service Management, Community Nutrition, and conducted outpatient and inpatient nutrition counseling in a hospital setting. Sei Ying has a dedication to chronic disease management, which includes the management of diabetes, weight, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Sei Ying's strong interest in cancer nutrition led her to join Tucker Medical in 2021. Using a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, she excels in inspiring and motivating people to develop sustainable eating patterns, while still enjoying foods they love.

Izzy Barclay
Counsellor ( BA, M Counselling), Cognitive-behavioural Specialist

Izzy Barclay is a counsellor ( BA, M Counselling) and cognitive-behavioural specialist. She works collaboratively with individuals to help them address emotional and behavioural issues including stress, anxiety disorders, addictive behaviours, substance abuse, depression, grief and relationship issues. Her therapeutic approach is non-judgemental and client centred, providing a safe space to process and deepen understanding, and to build motivation and skills to better manage life's challenges.

Izzy has extensive experience working with young people, and parents, as a counsellor and head of university and careers guidance, for a large international school in Singapore for over 10 years. Prior to this she had a commercial background in banking and finance. She has a Masters in Counselling from Monash University and additional qualifications and training in crisis intervention, psychological first aid and expressive therapies. For the last two years she has worked as a counsellor for a local not-for-profit organisation focussing on recovery support for a behavioural addictions, alcohol and substance use disorder. She is a member of the Singapore Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Izzy enjoys the outdoors and the natural world, whenever the opportunity arises she will be out jogging, hiking, sailing, skiing, swimming. She also enjoys creative pursuits – not because she has any talent, but because they are fun!

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