Family Medicine

We take a team approach to ensure the best care for you and your family. Our health professionals provide personalized, comprehensive and continuing primary care for adults, teens and children ages ten years and above.

Chronic disease management: hypertension, diabetes, mental health and more.

Weight management

Acute care for common illnesses


School/ sport/ camp physicals

Visa/ Employment forms including FDWs/ Driver's license renewals

Annual health screenings

Guidance for advance medical directives and lasting power of attorney

Women's Health

A patient-centered approach to the physical, mental and emotional health of women at any age. This includes general gynecological check ups, family planning, pre and postmenopausal care.

Examinations of the breast, abdomen and pelvis

Pap smear/ HPV testing

Pre and postmenopausal care

Family planning

Menstrual irregularities and concerns

Urinary tract issues including infections, incontinence

Postnatal health management

STD screening

Men's Health

Comprehensive care in a private setting that will address your specific medical concerns and needs. We provide a wide range of physical, emotional, and tailored health screenings specially for men.

Performance optimization

Jet Lag management

Circadian disruption

Hair loss

Mood Disorder/ Depression

Testosterone deficiency and hormone imbalance

Adult vaccinations

STD screening

Erectile dysfunction and sexual health

Medical Oncology

Because not all patients are the same, not all treatment should be the same. Beginning with evidence-based protocols, we design a personalized and holistic cancer treatment program. We care not just about your treatment but engage in prevention and long-term risk reduction.

Cancer treatment including immune therapy, target therapy, and conventional chemotherapy

Initial consultation, staging, and diagnosis

Oncology genomics including inherited cancer risk and advanced tumor biology

Cancer prevention for families

Second opinions including virtual opinions

Advanced imaging and monitoring

Nutritional support

Emotional support for patients and families

Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Liver disease)

We specialize in the prevention and diagnosis of gastrointestinal and liver disorders. We offer treatment for acute and chronic conditions as well as advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This includes conditions involving the esophagus, stomach, colon, intestine, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Disease

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Chronic stomach issues

Inflammatory bowel disease

Gastric and duodenal ulcers

Infection eradication

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Viral Hepatitis (Hep A, B, C, and E)

Gastroenterology Procedures

Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy

Diagnostic and therapeutic upper endoscopy

Wireless capsule endoscopy (pillcam)

Screening and surveillance endoscopy, including chromo endoscopy

Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

We work with children (ages five and above) and adolescents utilizing an integrated approach with families, schools, therapists and other health care providers to provide careful, individualized case management. We begin with an accurate assessment and continue with treatment planning. Case management and guidance include incorporating evidence-based interventions and treatment of the “whole child” to address behavioral, neurological, developmental, learning or emotional concerns.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ ADD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders/ Asperger Syndrome

Developmental Delays and Disorders

Learning Difficulties

Sensory Processing and Sensory Integration Disorders

Genetic Syndromes

Anxiety and Depression

Psychological issues in chronically ill children

Adoption related issues

Transition to adulthood

We work with you to define your state of health and to establish your customized plan. Starting with a comprehensive assessment to establish your baseline, we then create a digital record to track your progress. We welcome patient engagement and empowerment through self tracking data from wearable and mobile devices. We offer treatment tailored to your DNA through the use of pharmacogenomics (i.e., gene drug interactions). Pharmacogenomics allow us to avoid less beneficial or harmful drugs and focus on medications that may be best suited for patients.

Inherited disease risk and predisposition


Whole genome and tumor genome sequencing

Liquid biopsy for disease monitoring

Immune profiling and transcriptomics

Continuous remote monitoring including glucose monitors

It’s our approach to take care of the whole person or whole family. Health is a continuum influenced by your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We offer Tucker Health to complement and expand on the traditional medical care model. We believe health encompasses sleep, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition for the maintenance of good health and the prevention of disease.

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